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We provide an industry specific economic report for only £1999


This report is a perfect fit for small employers’ organisations or trade bodies who can’t afford to fund a complete project but want an overview of their industry for lobbying or policy purposes. To produce this report we will:

  •  Undertake literature review of existing research and reports
  • Assess which Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) and Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Codes are relevant to your industry
  • Undertake custom analysis of national data sources examining key characteristics and trends

Data sources

Includes data from:

  • Labour Force Survey
  • Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
  • UK Business Register

Analysis topics

Includes analysis of:

  • Economic footprint (number of businesses, size of workforce)
  • Employment trends (Change in headcount over time)
  • Employment characteristics (full-time/part-time working, migratory workforce)
  • Pay and benefits (average pay levels, overtime pay, gender pay gap)
  • Pay trends (inflation, pay changes over time)

Outputs and Cost

The first report we produce for you is a fixed price of £1999 (VAT not payable). For this price you receive:

  • Summary report covering the above analysis topics
  • Slide pack containing key findings, summary tables and data visualizations
We can also offer more detailed reports (including with additional primary research) on request.

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