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We help you to develop a bid for research funding at no cost


Robust evidence should be at the heart of any organisation serious about ensuring that their decisions about policy, practice and programmes are well informed and grounded in the real world. But it can be hard to get funding for the research you want to do if you don’t have the right skills or experience. That’s why Myriad has developed a unique service to help you get research funding for the projects that interest you.

How it works

If you have knowledge and experience in a particular policy area, but lack research experience, it can be challenging to develop a well-rounded bid for research funding. We offer a service where we work in partnership with you to develop a bid for research funding for free. We agree in advance what elements of the project you will need help with and how much it will cost. If the project gets funding then we work with you on the project. If it does not, then you have not spent any money and may have gained an insight or two for next time.

How to apply

Just drop us a line at or complete the contact form and someone will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your needs. 

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