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Our Unique Offers

Free Consultancy

We provide 3 hours of free research consultancy to any registered charity.

Industry Report

We offer a special one-off price of only £1999 for an economic report focusing specifically on your industry.

Bid Development

We can work with you to apply for research funding for your policy priorities.

Alongside our unique offers above we also provide all the usual research services. See below for an overview of some of the services we offer. 

Quantitative Services

Data Preparation

We like to think of data analysis like baking good bread – the more time you spend on preparation the better the results will be. We specialise in getting your data ready for use, whether that means standard cleaning, removing outliers, re-coding or re-formatting.

Data Analysis

The best analysis is tailored to the specific needs of the end user. There’s no point in doing multi-variate regression when a simple bar chart would suffice. That’s why we get to know exactly what you want to learn from your data and then customise our analysis to your needs.

Dashboards and Visualisation

There is a great deal of value to be gained from making your data more accessible to everyday users. We can help you to develop cost-effective dashboards and visualisations that can help bring your data to life.

Qualitative Services

Research Planning

Myriad can plan, design and manage your social research projects from start to finish, or just give you some help with the parts you’re not sure about. We will not only deliver great quality research but we help you develop the skills to understand and use that research more effectively.

Rapid Evidence Reviews

There is a lot of information out there, and it can be daunting knowing where to start. We can help focus your project by undertaking rapid evidence reviews which provide you with concise and comprehensive briefings on any subject.


If you are looking to assess opinions or collect administrative data, a survey provides an effective method of data collection. We can design, pilot, administer and analyse a survey that will meet your organisation’s needs.

Focus Groups & Interviews

Interviews and focus groups allow you to gain genuine insight into your subject area. At Myriad we manage the logistics, design interview schedules, conduct, facilitate and report to help inform decision-making and strategic planning.


How can you be confident that a particular policy or process is having the desired impact? Myriad can help you plan and undertake an evaluation to provide an independent and objective perspective.

Myriad Research Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales.

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