Social Research

Myriad can plan, design and manage your social research projects from start to finish, or just give you some help with the parts you’re not sure about. We will not only deliver great quality research but we help you develop the skills to understand and use that research more effectively. If you have a project in mind but are not sure where to start then get in touch. We are more than happy to talk you through the process and suggest what methods might suit your aims.  We can help you access the right information in the right way from right people.

We can’t say here exactly how we would run your project as every bit of research is unique, with particular objectives and challenges, but we’ve provided an overview of some of our Social Research services below.

Rapid Evidence Reviews – There is a lot of information out there, and it can be daunting knowing where to start. We can help focus your project by undertaking rapid evidence reviews which provide you with concise and comprehensive briefings on any subject.

Evaluation – How do you measure the success of your policy, programme or project? Being able to demonstrate the value of the work your organisation conducts is increasingly important. We can help you identify your objectives and develop the most robust methodology, whether quantitative or qualitative, to ensure you obtain the evidence which will demonstrate the impact of your organisation’s work.

Surveys – If you are looking to assess opinions or collect administrative data, a survey provides an effective method of data collection. Surveys may be a one off (cross-sectional) or repeated (longitudinal). We can design, pilot, administer and analyse a survey that will meet your organisation’s needs. Additionally we ensure that the sample selected will be representative of the population from which you are looking to obtain information.

Focus groups/Interviews – Interviews (either face-to-face or telephone) can provide rich data about more sensitive issues that you may wish to explore views about, or issues that are new and emerging while focus groups allow you to gain a genuine insight into your clients or customers understanding around real life situations and how they react in a shared environment. At Myriad we can arrange, design interview schedules, conduct, facilitate and report to help inform decision-making and strategic planning.

Consultations – You may be planning to make changes in your organisation that involve you consulting your customers or clients. Consultations should be undertaken at the earliest possible stage in the decision-making process, when there is scope to influence the policy outcome. Myriad can help you plan and undertake your consultation to provide an independent and objective perspective on the changes planned.