Data Analysis

Big Data might be where its at for lots of the big consultancies and market research companies but too often it is a phrase that is used without any understanding of what it actually means. Typically Big Data refers to large, inter-related datasets which are too complex to usefully analyse in traditional ways. In our opinion most organisations would be better served concentrating on using Small Data more effectively. Think of it as trying to run before you can walk.

Myriad are experts at handling data. We love Excel, SPSS and Geographical Information. We love combining datasets to create additional value. But most of all we love doing the basic stuff really well – testing for significance, checking correlation and creating awesome visualisations.

So before you get bogged down trying to engage with Big Data, let Myriad help you make the most of your existing Small Data.

Some of our data services:

Data Preparation – We like to think of data analysis like baking good bread – the more time you spend on preparation the better the results will be. We specialise in getting your data ready for use, whether that means standard cleaning, removing outliers, re-coding or re-formatting. We can also deliver data in a range of formats to suit your needs, including SPSS, CSV and Excel.

Data Analysis – The best analysis is tailored to the specific needs of the end user. There’s no point in doing multi-variate regression when a simple bar chart would suffice. That’s why we get to know exactly what you want to learn from your data and then customise our analysis to your needs. We provide you with a variety of outputs including Excel, PDF or Word, Powerpoint, and even SPSS Syntax files for the more adventurous among you.

Dashboards and Data Visualisation – There is a great deal of value to be gained from making your data more accessible to everyday users. We can help you to develop cost-effective dashboards and visualisations that can help bring your data to life. Whether you want some beautiful graphics for a board meeting, maps to identify geographic trends or an interactive dashboard to enable custom analysis we can help.

Process Automation – Most businesses and organisations undertake daily tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. We can help – by using a mixture of VBA, .net programming and a lot of guile we can help to make your organisation more efficient (and your life easier).

Custom Software – You might think that getting software custom designed for your business would be far too costly. But we can provide custom software solutions from as little as £300.